Jomp riep sur,

Do you know what is like to live with humiliation, sadness and anger for so long?
It is like having brain surgery without anesthesia.

There are not enough words to describe the painful experiences of being Khmer Krom, living in our own home, our own land, our own country and being called Vietnamese ethnic minority. It’s hurts so bad for having to repeatedly tell people that we’re Khmer. We're indigenous people and not ethnic minority, and the beautiful land that now is called South Vietnam used to belong to Cambodia. It is an injustice that we were not allowed to say anything against the terrible decision the French government made on June 4, 1949 to give our land to Viet Nam.

Our hearts are bleeding with pain to see the Vietnamese government deliberately turning our Buddhist Pagodas into maternity wards, prisons, housing and public schools. We, the Khmer Krom are peace loving, religious people. All we want is to be able to preserve and practice our Khmer culture, traditions and heritage in our Kampuchea Krom land( now know as South Viet Nam). Our hope is to be able to live peacefully in our homeland.

After years of crying in silence from physical and mental abuse, finally, the world can hear our voice in our native Khmer language through the Voice of Khmer Krom radio. VOKK is a giant step toward freedom and justice for our poor people. But in a reality, it is only a candle lit in the darkness.

Please help keep our voices alive and turn that candle into an eternal flame. We need your kindness and loving support to help lighten our spirit and hope.Your help and support can change our world from dark to light, and make a big difference to our sufferings.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful to all of you that make VOKK possible. Thank you so much for bringing hope to our poor Khmer people in Kampuchea Krom.

Thank you to our supporters. Khmer Krom very grateful for your love, care, concern, and generous support. Thank you for making possible for our Khmer Krom voice to be hearing across the nation. You’re our heroes.

With love, peace, harmony and gratefulness!
Mylinh Nakry

Please send your tax deductable donation to support VOKK at the address below :
Khmers Kampuchea Krom Federation
P.O.BOX 0193
Pennsauken, NJ 08110-0193

To listen to VOKK, Please click here

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