Watt Sam Vong

Do you see how a single picture could tell many stories? It touches my heart deeply to see the struggling of our Khmer Krom people determination to keep our tradition, culture and faith alive. I would like to salute all Khmer Krom villagers at watt Sam Rong. Thank you for showing me the great value of faith, for hanging on to our believes.
To all the caring, good heart readers:
As you can see from this picture that the villagers from Giong Rieng, Kien Giang are very poor. Most of them don't have enough food to eat, but they were able to build this little pagoda for a place for them to worship. Please help put the roof and doors on Sam Rong pagoda, help the poor villagers to have a better stable place for worship.

Watt Sam Rong
Phum Ban Thach, Srok (Quan) Giong Rieng
Khet Karmourn Sor (Rach Gia), Kampuchea Krom (Viet Nam)


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