Lok ta (elderly men), lok yea (Buddhist nuns) and Ven. Thach Truong at Watt Leak Ta Voal,

and all Khmer Krom villagers at this poor pagoda from Preah Trapeang (Tra Vinh) are sending you love and bless, and wishing you the very best!

If you could, please help repair Watt Leak Ta Voal. Please send your donation to:
Ven. Thach Truong
Watt Leak Ta Voal ( Prey Woal Pagoda)
Khum Ngoc Beang, Srok Tra Cu ( Thkau)
Kheth Preah Trapeang ( Tra Vinh), Kampuchea Krom ( Viet Nam)

Thank you for your support!